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Lawmakers Database

A Social Network for Informed Citizens.
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Match users by demographics, political ideals, and location.
Biography, Social Media Pages, Official Website and Contact information.
Use our Stars Rating System to rate your politicians.

Tech Talk

Built with Firebase

LMDb uses Firebase for user authentication. Firebase Authentication is the best multi-platform sign in system. It provides an end-to-end identity solution.

LMDb users can create accounts and login using either their email account, mobile phone number, Apple ID or their social media account from Facebook or Google.

Users automatically get their own social page where they can add posts and or share other users’ posts.


API Integration

Using various APIs, LMDb can offer users all of the following:

  • a listing of current members of Congress
  • an up to date listing of introduced, passed, enacted, updated and vetoed legislation
  • a list of members of the various Committees in Congress
  • current information on the different vote results¬†

In addition by using Core Location LMDb provides a listing of Local Lawmakers based on user’s coordinates.